Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Happiest Place on Earth!

Ever since I was a little girl I have absolutely LOVED Disneyland! We lived in California until I was about 3 1/2, and my parents would take me about 4-5 times a year; once we moved away we have definitely been back to visit! Lately, I've just had this great desire to rekindle my Disney spirit and visit once again. Tonight I was looking at the website ( and the background music and pictures brought back such nostalgia. I keep trying to probe Devon into going, but I've come to the reality that being married is expensive and we are....poor. However, I have found a slight chance at making my Disney dreams come true-Devon and I are going to San Diego on our honeymoon. We had talked of going to Sea World, but tonight he asked me if I'd rather drive up to Disneyland....does that question even need to be asked?! To heck with Sea World, I'd take Disney any day :). I hope he knows since he brought up that option that it's permanent in my mind; I think he just did it so I'd stop bugging him about taking me there :).

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

What's been going on!

So I realized I didn't even blog the whole month of February--these are crazy times! This is just a short recap of what's been going on:

-Devon and I went up to Burley to do wedding stuff (didn't really end up doing wedding stuff); thus, we are going up this coming weekend to do the stuff we were supposed to do last time
-while in Idaho, we went snowboarding! it was great, haven't done it in a long long time!
-I got my wedding dress :)
-we picked out invitiations; they are being made as I write
-we booked our honeymoon to San Diego!
-we found an apartment!! This was probably one of the best things of all. We looked SO hard to find a place and had the hardest time! Married housing is very difficult to find--but we found somewhere and are so so excited about it! Funny side happens to be the exact same apartment in the exact same complex that Devon's sister Colette and her husband Eric lived in when they first were weird is that ?! We decided it was fate.
-we took our engagement pictures; Lindsey Hale did them, it was so fun! I can't wait to see them.
-we bought tickets to go see DAVID ARCHULETA!! (march 27th at the e center) If you scroll back to about a year ago, you can read my post about how much I love David! Devon has started to love him too, it makes me really happy.
-many other things were done and still much to do. on my to do list: research cell phone plans, finish registering, find bridesmaid outfits, contact a florist, find jewelry and veil, find plane tickets for houston reception, order a cake, make interviews for temple recommend, find groomsman ties, collect addresses and more.

The thought of summer is so exciting to me. I love wedding stuff; however, I don't know how much I love it while going to school and working. Life is great, I'm happy-and I hope all of you are too! Pictures and more frequent posts to come.