Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Wishes!

I just wanted to write a little post about this guy on his birthday! Some random facts about Devon:
*he loves Extreme Home Makeover
*he really likes clothes and looking nice
*he loves his family
*he's studying landscape management, and will someday make an amazing landscape architect!
*he really likes dancing
*he's into running
*he's nice to everyone and is very easy going
*he loves food, and will eat almost anything
*he works as a high school tutor
*he's great with kids
*he's very low maintenance, he doesn't need a lot of material things; also, small things make him really happy
*he's a very hard worker
*he's very serviceable; he always looks for ways to help and serve me
*he will someday make a great husband. (in the very near future i might add...)

Happy 22nd Birthday Dev! I love you!