Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Coming Along!

Well I feel that our wedding plans are going great! We've registered at one store, I have my dress, we have a photographer, and our plans are moving right along! However, the rest of the aspects of my life are suffering just a bit...Me and Dev have decided that it's going to be a challenge to keep our (we wish!) 4.0 gpa's this semester. Just a couple of scholastic set-backs:

1. Devon went to class on Friday realizing that it's a Tuesday/Thursday class.
2.I went to my math class thinking I had all day to take my test, realizing it finished in an hour.
3.We went to marriage prep thinking we had lots of extra time to write our papers, when in fact they were due that day.
4. We have yet to get all of our books...hmmm, how are we doing our daily reading?
5. We each have 0 preparation points for marriage prep. Well, Dev has 1 :). The way I see it, arn't we preparing enough?

Well, anyways--hopefully we will get ourselves into a better homework routine! Everything else is so great though. Wedding planning has been really fun. Oh, and we are getting married in 100 days!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I, Ashley Vincent, am officially engaged to Devon Gibby!! He proposed earlier tonight and everything was just so perfect! He had told me on Sunday that we were going to a piano recital for his friend, and I totally believed him. Tonight when it was time for him to pick me up, his roommate came to the door and said he was taking me somewhere and had to blindfold me. I new then that he would probably propose, but prior to that I had no idea! So we first went to the movie theater where we first met, and everything was staged perfectly. The same people were there and they pretended like we were going to see the same movie--the other people proceeded to pretend to go to the movie and Dev took me to the next place. We then went to the first place we officially hung out and the same people were there too. We played the same game we had played that night and reenacted everything, even the conversation. Next he took me to JcW's where we went to eat on our first date; following that we went to Thanksgiving Point where we went and the same couple that was on our first date was there, so everything was reenacted exactly like it had been. After that we went to the place where we first kissed. Then he took me to the canyon and there was a blanket by the river with flowers and a couple of candles. ( oh and the whole time we were in the car we were listening to a cd he had made with songs that had special meaning to both of us). When we got there we sat and talked and he told me why he wanted to marry me and proposed! And of course I said "YES!" Everything was absolutely perfect and so well planned. I'm so grateful for Devon and am absolutely so excited to marry him; I couldn't think of anyone better that I would want to spend the rest of my life and forever with. We are getting married May 8th in the Bountiful temple! Pictures coming ASAP.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Absolute Blog Slacker!

I have been an absolute blogging slacker lately! Life has been a bit busy, but I'm going to try to make it a goal to be a more consistent blogger. My Christmas break was absolutely wonderful! The first week and a half were very relaxing-it was so nice to actually have "free time" and time to sleep! The weather in Houston is also a heck of a lot different from what Provo was experiencing. While Provo was getting dumped with snow, it was almost summer like weather in Houston. While I do enjoy to get out of the cold every now and again, I also like how the snow makes it feel more Christmasy. It just doesn't feel like Christmas outside when it's in the 70's....I shouldn't complain though :). Anyways, we had a great break, and it was so fun to have Devon come and visit! My family really liked him, and we had a great time. Devon has now decided though that he is in love with Houston and wants to move there! I told him to wait until the summer time and then see if he really loves it...But now it's back to school again. My classes this semester are looking good except for Math-my teacher doesn't explain anything, and I'm already totally lost in the first week....I'm thinking that's not a good sign! It is good to be back in Utah though with my friends and return to some sense of a scheduled life, however crazy it may be! Life is great for me right now, I can't complain one bit. I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year!Chris, Me, Rachel and Ryan right before I left to come back to Utah.
Me and Devon ice skating at the GalleriaOn New Years Eve-we went out to eat with my family and had a great time!