Saturday, July 19, 2008


The other day I had the opportunity to attend the funeral of my great aunt who passed away on my birthday. I didn't really know her, but was encouraged to go by my dad to represent our family. I was so glad that I attended. As I heard the stories of her life and sat there I realized what an amazing thing life is...and how I should never take it for granted. I feel that so many times in my life I only hope for the next phase...for example: "Oh things will be wonderful when I'm done with school!" or "When I get married life will be great". I have realized that I need to live in the moment and enjoy each phase as it comes. I feel like life flies by so fast...I mean where have my first 20 years gone?! But each day is a new adventure and I'm grateful for the opportunity to live it.
As I sat in the funeral my thoughts were also turned to those important people who have had a great impact on my life. Every time I attend a funeral I think of my mom, and remember the day that I attended her funeral. Besides my dad, she has had the greatest impact on my life, and I believe still does. I want to please her and make her proud, and I feel like that helps me to be a better person. She is the most caring, giving, and courageous person I have every known. I feel so much a part of her, and love the similarites that we share. Even though I only had her here for 14 years, I feel that I have been so blessed to have her as my mom and to still learn of her through letters she has left behind. She had so many friends and was one of those people that everyone just adored. I'm so grateful for the plan of salvation and to know that I will see her again. That news brings me so much comfort and peace. I'm grateful for each day and for the gift of life! It's such a wonderful, beautiful thing and I'm grateful for all of the people in my life who help to make it so great :).

Saturday, July 5, 2008

My Birthday!

I had a wonderful birthday yesterday! It was so much fun, and I can't believe that I'm 20! It started out with a great breakfast at my friend Leslie's families house. Me and my roommate Audrey went and it was a great way to start off the day! The day followed with lunch with my Kingwood friends and later, the Stadium of Fire. Me and Audrey were so excited to see Miley that we went and bought Hannah Montana logo was so much fun! We had a wonderful time at the concert!! The fireworks were great too :) I had so many friends that called or texted me and it was so nice, I have the most loyal, wonderful friends in the world! My family was also great and reminded me 14 times throughout the day that it was my birthday via texting or phone calls :) I gained a sense of greater gratitude as I thought about my first 20 years of life. Life goes by so fast, and I'm constantly reminded that I need to enjoy it. These 20 years have been filled with wonderful moments and hopefully the next 20 will be just as great. I also have a great appreciation for the independence of our country. I love having my birthday on the 4th of July, I always thought I was a little firecracker! So, thank you to all who helped to make my birthday spectacular!

Shortly after the clock striked 12 on July 4th...woohoo I'm 20!
Audrey bought me the same bag I got her for her birthday, just in white
Erica, Me, Thuy, and Audrey at Mimi's Cafe for a birthday lunch
Ready for the concert!
Glenn Beck, the host
and more...
Miley on stage
The Blue Man Group

more Blue Man group...
Miley singing. good shot, huh?
We love her!
Me and Audrey freaking out!
My beautiful birthday cake, made by Jan Noble...thank you :)

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